Liz Gomez Paints

I am a representational painter based out of San Antonio, Texas. Who focuses on large scale portraits of close and highly respected friends and colleagues. I'm influenced by the vibrancy of life in the South as well as in the neighborhoods in Chicago, I strive for each portrait to express a life of its own and portray the celebration of life, culture, self worth and power. I find this important because in this era of simulated communication with Facebook and texting, it gets increasing easier to avoid real human interaction. My practice is not only mine but focuses on the practice of collaboration. My process begins with a the same question being asked to the person, I ask them. "If money or any other obstacle was not an issue, how would you wish to be portrayed in a painting." From here we begin the journey of creating an image that portrays that person the they feel would be most appropriate, true or not. Each image balances between showing that individuals the self identity and their perceived identity.